Monday, December 3, 2007

A Dirty Gerbil

So, my old boss has been given the task of taking care of his sons gerbil while he is away at school....

Now, he is not an animal person. At all...or so we think. So, when the gerbil began to, well, stink, he took matters into his own hands. I believe, that we have a reformed animal disliker on our hands...

Although, from what I have read, gerbils are extremely clean, they are desert rodents and do not particularly like being dunked in a tub full of lavender soap :)



Kristel said...

it's probably the 500th time I have watched this and it is STILL FUNNY!!!!!!

Mark said...

That is great gave me a chuckle, hope you aren't going to use the toothbrush afterwards.
Love the music to it ,still chuckling now.

Cheers Mark

BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh that's hysterical!
The only time my daughter's hamsters started to stink was when their cage was dirty, or if we - uh - hadn't noticed that they died.