Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Wow, is it really Wednesday? Already? I guess I have been busy. It seemed as though the garden had taken over my life huh? Well, today it is back to reality. I have been putting together a proposal for a small mapping job. Yes, a J.O.B. Scary three letter word. But, the thing about this proposal is I really have NO IDEA how to judge how much time this will take me or even how much to charge. This should be BFF who does this for a living said she might be able to help me...oh BFF, I KNOW you are lurking out there...feel free to help me...

So, between this GIS/Mapping job and the 1028 images I just got to color correct and put into an 80 page wedding album, I think I will be a tad bit busy. I had better rev up the Photoshop and ArcGIS engines, turn on the AC and shut all the doors and windows and let the weeds grow tall in the garden...What this all means is I bet there will be some sort of technical post on some aspect of what I am doing coming up by weeks end. I would really like to get that Photoshop Friday segment of this blog to actually happen, on Fridays, like I said I would...damn this ADD.