Sunday, June 24, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday!


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Now for this weeks theme:

You can all sing along with me:

On the first day of summer my true love gave to me....

6 Tons of gravel
5 Yards of pine mulch
4 Flats of flowers
3 blisters on my hand
2 loads of dirt


1 aching back

But here is just one of the many rewards from the last few days:

And also this:

The lily was not in the ground 5 minutes and this butterfly came over for a little snack.


Beth said...

Great photo of the lily and its beautiful guest!

bs said...

hey thanks for stopping by! i'm so jealous of your butterfly picture... how'd you catch him posing like that?

Jessica said...

I just sat there and waited, taking pictures, I actually had to nudge him a little bit to get him to pose better...patience...
In New Zealand I ran into a butterfly photographer who said he would net the butterflies and then put them in a little cooler to slow them down, then release to get them to open there wings slowly, and stay put until they warmed up...

Wicked Gardener said...

3 Blisters? That's a crappy gift. You have to talk to him about that.

MrBrownThumb said...

That's a pretty cool butterfly. I wish a black and white one would lands in my garden.