Friday, June 15, 2007

"I carried a watermelon...."

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, a moment where you just felt so star-struck and when Johnny Castle asked his cousin "Yo Cuz, what's SHE doin' here?" and his cousin says
"She's with me, she came with me..."

and Baby replies "I carried a watermelon."

Yeah. I have too. Let me share my "I carried a watermelon" moment with you.

Let me set the scene...It was mid-april 2005, We are heading to the Kokua Festival at the Waikiki Shell in Hawaii to see my (now ex)boyfriend Jack Johnson play. In Hawaii.
There were also a few other folks on stage that night,

Ben Harper

Willie Nelson

and also: Paula Fuga, Henry Kapono and the ALO.
I have basically been obsessed with JJ ever since the first time I heard Bubbly Toes on The River (the crappy radio station I boycotted after they played WAY too much Bruce Springsteen) during my daily commute that I used to take, when I had an actual job. I had seen him once before in Boston at the Pavilion along with G-Love and Donavon Frankenreiter, two of my OTHER favorites...but, back to Jack. He is SO CUTE. And I mean cute. I even think that Duane would give me a free pass, just like I would give him a free pass for Sheryl Crow.

Free Pass coming up:

So, here we are, at the Waikiki Shell, heading in to the concert. We had scalped our tickets on eBay, and since this was a benefit concert for the kids of Hawaii, we bought a couple of T-shirts, a CD, a cute bag to carry all the stuff around in, and a poster. As we are heading to our seats, with our beer and bags and Henry Kapono on the stage I stop. Dead in my tracks. O.M.G. NO WAY! I turn, stare and I just can't help myself...I go over to this particularly super cute surfer man, sitting with a bunch of people wearing back stage concert passes and this is how it goes:

ME: " not??? Are you...uh...are you Jack Johnson???"
(do you feel my pain...?)

HIM: "Nope. I'm his brother."

ME: "Wow, well, you look an awful lot like your brother then, I think you guys could be twins."

And that is it. I am THIS CLOSE to JJ and all I can say is:

"I carried a watermelon!?!?!" Are you kidding me. I KNOW it was him, because if you could only have seen the shit-eating grin on his face when he told me he was his brother.

I slink up to my seat, which is about 4 rows directly up from where he and his buddies are sitting and this is the picture I get....

So, Jack, if you are reading this:

It is OVER. We are totally breaking up.

We still had a whole bunch of fun

Click here to learn more about the Kokua Foundation


Wicked Gardener said...

You know, at first I really thought he was your ex boyfriend and the jealously almost made me not read the rest of you post! He is a beautiful, beautiful man, isn't he? Love the Dirty Dancing reference. I didn't think I could quote the entire movie, but after watching it about 30 times as a pre-teen I think it stuck.

Jessica said...

I can totally quote the ENTIRE movie, word for word....

and yes JJ is so cute!!!