Monday, June 11, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday...on monday

I have joined a new blogroll called:

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Here is my vegetable garden! Grow Garden! Grow!

I thought it was a pretty cool blogroll, most of the ones I have found so far have been the "Adventures in Mommyhood" kind, which, I like to read, and do find entertaining, but, I don't have kids and so, I wanted to find something that I could relate to and this is it! Yay, thanks Tricia!

So, here is my first Green Thumb Sunday (on a monday) post)

Two important things are going on in my vegetable garden this week.
The first thing going on is this:

Ahhhh....the sweet sweet smell of coyote urine in the I love thee.
Yeah. If you think living in a virtual outdoor zoo is fun, try seeing all the little deer footprints in your garden...and realizing it is not quite legal hunting season yet....
There are all kinds of ways to deer proof your garden like building a 50' fence, having your boyfriend pee around the edges, standing guard 24 hours a day etc....I have chosen the old coyote urine in a bottle trick. I have taken a bunch of film canisters, filled them with cotton balls, saturated them with coyote urine, poked holes in them, tied them to a string and hung them all over the garden. Let me tell you, if this does not keep the deer away I do not know what will because that stuff STINKS!!!!! O.M.G. it stinks.

The second thing going on is a little bit of replanting...

I am not sure what happened, but a bunch of stuff I planted just plain did not come up. Some of it germinated, came up and died, and some of it just never came up. So, today, weather permitting, I am replanting:
Kentucky Pole Beans, carrots, scallions, cucumbers, okra and possibly the hanging gourds, although the package says 14-21 days, but it has been about that long. I have no idea what happened or why this stuff did not come up, but the package says "Guaranteed to Grow"...I beg to differ. So, if any of you out there in gardening land have any ideas....let me know. It is possible, that we had a frost I am not aware of after May 22nd, which is when I started planting most of my veggies...

Off to plant...


Martin said...

I am picturing the look on the coyote's face when they hand him that big jug...'You want me to FILL this?'

Mark said...

I like the idea of your boyfriend weeing all round the edges , it creates a very amusing image, especially is you have mosquitoes.

Cheers Mark