Friday, May 18, 2007


Photoshop Phridays!

Welcome to Photoshop Phriday's!
Every Friday from now on I will be posting something new I have learned or found during my adventures of using Photoshop CS2 on a mostly daily basis.

Today's new Photoshop friday's tip or trick will be "Dave's Double Matte for 5X7's". This is a free action that I downloaded from This is a pretty cool website where you can download all sorts of cool actions and the best part is: they are free. This site is devoted to the exchange of Photoshop actions among users and is provided as a service to the image editing community by Photoshop user Jim Lewis.

The action I have used here was authored by Dave Jaseck
Dave's Double Matte for 5X7's is described below:

"An action set that consists of two actions for 5x7 images of 240-300 ppi, one in portrait orientation, the other landscape. These actions produce beautiful double mattes in 8 x 10 frames. This is a further refinement of the mattes Dave has been producing in various size that have proved very popular on Action Central."

Below is a color corrected image that I saved at 240 dpi at 5X7:

And here is the same image after I ran Dave's action:

How cool is that? When printed out and framed behind glass it is a real fooler. The final size is 8X10 and you can choose the colors of the mattes. I picked a couple of colors with the eyedropper tool from the image.

Well, that is the first installment of Photoshop Phridays! I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned next week where I will choose a new cool thing I learned. Maybe it will be the "Edgarian Blur" action, or even a cool watermark action I found, although that one is not free...but hey, us Photoshop users have to figure out a way to make money right?


Christine said...

That is a great tip! We'll have to give it a try. As far as the watermark goes, is that how you did your name ( on the photo?