Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rain, rain, rain, rain

I like rain. Don't get me wrong. It gives me an excuse to sit inside and watch some pretty bad TV.
It also can sometimes motivate me to do things like....drill holes in the wall and hang up shelving in my office...or....start the laundry I have not done in a week.

It has not however motivated me to make the bed. Nope. I am just not going to do it.
Why? Because I am just going to get back in it and mess up the covers tonight anyway, so, if I have not made the bed by noon really, what is the point? None. No point at all.
Thats it. Nothing else today. It is raining and I am tired. N o pictures today either. It was just to rainy. I have to learn how to take pictures in the rain.


Christine said...

You'll have to get a raincoat for your camera! Talk with Richard, he can tell you what he got for his camera....or you could just have someone hold an umbrella for you!! : )