Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Good Cancer

There is no such thing as good cancer you say???? I used to wonder why the people at the thyroid cancer forum I used to visit would get SO MAD when somebody would say "Thyroid cancer is a 'good cancer'". Seriously, with a cure rate hovering around 95% yeah, I would consider it "good". Cancer in and of it self sucks. And it is scary. Yes, it is serious. And then there are stories like Lisa's, over at Clusterfook, and it makes me feel like I was a HUGE whiner when it came to being diagnosed with "the good cancer". Because you know what? Thyroid cancer is NOTHING compared to what she has gone through, twice and is now going through a third time. I am asking anyone who visits here to head on over to Clusterfook, read her story and give her some kind words. What she has gone through and is about to go through no human being and their family should have to go through. So, yeah, I had cancer. Big flipping deal. I was lucky. Then, I want you to go over and visit Miss Ann and see what she and the rest of a pretty awesome blogging community is trying to do for Lisa and help.



BetteJo said...

Cancer sucks. Good cancer, bad cancer, it all sucks and I'm sorry you had to experience ANY kind. Heading over to check out your friends. :)