Monday, October 22, 2007

You have been outbid!

I would just like to thank bidder r****o whoever you are for outbidding me and my impulse $1200 bid for game 1 tickets to the World Series Boston vs. Colorado.

WHY do I do things like this? I totally had bidders remorse after I hit the "OK, I am a complete idiot for wanting to pay this much to watch a game in the far far bleachers of Fenway Park for a game that does not start until 8:23, and will probably last until 2 am and THEN have a 3 hour drive home." button. No matter how awesome it would, and driving, and boston and 2 am and tired and drunk(well, if I drove I would not be drunk) and traffic does not mix too well. Not to mention it was a ridiculous amount of money I had just tried to spend...dumb.

So...thank you thank you thank you.


gardenmomma (Chris) said...

This is wayyy to funny! How many time have I wanted to say the same thank you, but couldn't 'cause I won the stupid bid????! Good for you! Chris