Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh how Cliche!

I was wandering around my yard taking a break from the grueling photographic design stuff I am doing today to get some fresh air and sunshine when I spotted the monarchs on my butterfly bush. Can it get any more cliche than that? So, of course I had to grab my camera and chase them around the yard. Makes me wish I had a butterfly net so I could catch them, put them in a cooler to chill them out and THEN I could get some cool shots. I learned that butterfly/insect taking tip from a guy in New Zealand who did that to get some great shots. He would catch them, put them in a cooler and then after a little while, take them out (all without harming them of course) and place them where he wanted to take pictures. They would spread their wings to warm up and stay in one place. Makes taking pictures of them easier I am sure!


Moe said...

Cliche or not, that is a gorgeous photo!

BetteJo said...

Really is beautiful!

Jessica said...

thank you!