Monday, September 17, 2007

Green and Blue Burrito

Last week one of the blogs I frequent, More Heat than Light posted a story about her love for little bitty succulents and how easy they are to propagate especially from the little pieces that fall off the plants at those big box stores, those little pieces? They are FREE!. Although I have yet to try that method, maybe next time I will slip a little piece of one into my pocket, that is not stealing is it???

I too have this thing about those small succulents you see in those big box stores. They seem so small and lonely and just cry out for someone to take them home. Well, the other day I had gone to one of those stores looking for paint chips for my web design class for color ideas, and I just happened to walk by the little bitty succulents...and here is the result:

I just couldn't help myself.


bs said...

yay! i love cicadas... i'm from dallas, but would you believe there are none here in, northern california where i live now? i miss that ratchety noise. it's a fixture in anime i've noticed, evidently they're in japan too!

bs said...

oh no! there's my other comment again!! uh... i actually wanted to say, oh that's a burrito plant! too neat! i'll have to look for those next time i'm out. succulents are so great! i'm pretty sure that's not stealing... it's not stealing to take garbage, right?? and mr brown thumb makes a good point when he says, he has so many succulents now that he doesn't forage for mystery plants anymore.

sorry about the double comment!