Sunday, August 19, 2007

The blind leading the blind

Another example of the blind leading the blind....

My boyfriend is on the phone, trying to teach his retired dad how to print off an email I just sent to his mother. He just told his dad to "Wait until mom finishes handwriting this so you don't mess her up"....

I am hearing things like: "Maybe your capital button is stuck on" While my boyfriend tries to be all tech have to know, this is the guy who could not even get a good guess to this Trivial Pursuit Question "Which internet company coined the phrase 'You've got Mail!'"

The first question I was asked "Does the printer have to be on to see the icon thingy???"

My answer "What icon thingy exactly? Since I have no idea what program he is trying to print from, I can't help all that much, but, no, it should not have to be on to see the 'icon print thingy'.

Then: "Should he turn on the printer?"

Um. Yeah.

I now hear this "Do you see an X in the top right hand corner???" (this can't be good....)

Oh NO "Hit the big red one and see what happens...."

*sigh* Just unplug it.


Christine said...

OH MY GOD! THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SO FUNNY! You should hear when Richard and I are trying to walk his sister through all of her printer issues! He gets so frustrated he hands me the phone to try to resolve the issue! LOL Consider it free entertainment! : )