Saturday, February 23, 2008

YMCA Camp Foss - 1983- 1988

Today, I ended up on a road that just seemed so a kid, I spent 7 summers at YMCA Camp Foss. Unbelievably, my first year was 25 years ago. So, anyways, my drive today took me down the dirt road to where the old riding ring used to be, close to where the dining hall is (or maybe was...) I had never seen camp in the winter...only the summers.

I am still in touch with at least 4 of my old friends from that time of my life, 1 is married, another is engaged, one is widowed and another is living it up in Boston. We have gotten together a couple of times over the years, and if I can find any pictures of us I will post those too. When we do get together it is like we have never spent a day apart. The stories and laughter just come naturally. Knowing I have friends out there like that, ones who at the drop of a hat are there is special... is what Camp Foss looks like in the dead of winter:


BetteJo said...

Nice memories - always good to have those kind of old friends. They know you in a way newer people in your life never can.