Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laptopus Frickenawesomus

That is latin for Holy Crap! This laptop is Frickin' AWESOME!!!!!
This laptop is also the reason I have been neglecting just about everything these days...from my poor lonely blog, to my boyfriend to my garden to my sad and desperately in need of watering plants, indoors and out.

I will have to say, the lack of a right-click button on a mouse has thrown me for a loop a couple of times, and this laptop keyboard is just plain wierd, but other than that, I am just lovin' my new silver shiny toy. I have the Apple Mighty Mouse on order and am thinking about getting the bluetooth keyboard too.

I also would like to talk all techno for a minute....

So, my BFF is also my go-to gal for anything technological that I do not understand. She has taught me everything I know, and THINK I know, about computers, networks, modems, routers etc. So, yesterday while I was spending the entire day inside playing with my MBP17 I thought to myself "Hey...I really do not feel like plugging my printer in every. single. time I want to print...I wonder if there is a way..." So I texted BFF and asked her...but, she was not around plus, she is a PC girl. Not a Mac girl. So, I hemmed and hawed and then was like "Hey...my laptop has bluetooth capabilities...I wonder if my HP 2575v does too...." Sure enough, all it needed was a little bluetooth USB plug thingy...and...hey...wait a MINUTE! I HAVE one of those plug in thingys! So...I plugged it in and nothing. Then, I realized that it needed the ip address from my computer, so, I plugged it into my MBP17, it got the address and I plugged it back into my printer and voila. Wireless printing.

So, after I stopped patting myself on the back for that stroke of genius I was thinking, "You know, it is a REAL PAIN to have to plug and unplug my external drives every.time. I want to pull data off of them and put it on my MBP17....So, then I was all "Well, I wonder if I can wirelessly network my 2 computers together???" Sure enough...and I can't really tell you exactly how I did it, but I think it was FM (Frickin' Magic). So, what I THINK I did was set up a wireless home network on my PC, then I shared the 2 drives, then somehow managed to get my MBP17 to recognize it.
So, I am a genius. Yes, I am very proud of myself. I consider myself pretty smart when it comes to computers and stuff but I have never tried the networking thing, especially with a Mac and a PC and a wireless router (router, not modem) and a bajillion gigs of data.

So, what this all REALLY means....is I am a DORK.


BetteJo said...

What it really means is that you're smarter than me!!
I have a home network between me and my 2 kids there are 3 laptops and a wireless printer. I did not set it up myself and don't think I could have.

Go YOU!!