Monday, September 10, 2007

GoochMedia...The Website

So...I am not sure if any of my faithfuls out there have ever even seen the website I built, and honestly, there is not much there right now...I have not had the time or the knowledge to really get it up and running and looking cool...

But...tonight I started a class over at the Technical college here in Laconia, a web design class. And although I am slightly concerned that dragging out learning Adobe Dreamweaver over almost 4 months will kill me...I decided to take it anyway. Mainly so if I have questions I have a human being to talk to, plus adult, human interaction is always a nice thing. Now, considering I already have 1.95 degrees from Plymouth State (That would be an actual BS in Geography, GIS and 98.8% of a BFA Graphic Design) you would think I would be all set with taking more classes...but nope. I just cannot get enough of being a college student.

So, hopefully I will not get bored and by Christmas I will have a snazzy new website!

What was cool about tonights class is that really, we just got to surf the web, which is what I would have done anyway!


BetteJo said...

... and then maybe you will take pity on those of us who are less educated and will give us advice, right? :)

Jessica said...

Of Course! I might even make it a weekly after-class blog entry!