Sunday, August 5, 2007

Plants Behaving Badly

My tomatoes...they are behaving badly....and that is not the only thing...

Honestly, what seemed like a perfectly plotted out, sparse garden back in may, has turned into the spectacle of the neighborhood...My 9 little, cute tomato plants now look like ginormous tomato trees. They are taller than I am. The problem with taller than me tomato plants is that the flimsy $1.99 tomato cages are no longer holding up the plants. At least 4 of them have keeled over under the weight of the dozens and dozens of tomatoes. I have lost a main stem on my cherry tomatoes due to it snapping off at the base. I now have this convoluted system of cages, stakes (both wooden and 6' tall metal) and twine all holding it together like a jigsaw. If one portion of this system fails...I am afraid the whole thing will go down like dominoes.

Then lets get to the 2 teeny tiny acorn squash plants I bought at the Home, I did not know that acorn squash were round, please tell me they did not mislabel pumpkins and acorn squash. THESE plants are trying to run over my poor pepper and eggplants as well as trying to take over my yard. They are misbehaving all over the place, twining on my other plants...mowing over the gladiolas I planted in what was SUPPOSED to be an empty spot in the garden but is now controlled by acorn squash.

The one good thing about my out of control gourd plants is that their leaves are so soft and fuzzy like velvet...

Some days I want to just let everything grow how it wants, and other days I want to chop off the offending creepers...but I am one of those who just HATES to kill any portion of a plant. I don't like thinning out my carrots, because I "feel bad" chopping off portions of a vigorous growing plant takes some serious thought (and a few beers)

Maybe 90 pounds of fertilizer was too much?

In other cosmos have finally started to bloom:

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BetteJo said...

I am not a gardener but acorn squash is indeed round or oval and green! Slice it in half, scrape out the seeds, fill it with brown sugar and butter and bake. MMmmmmm - dessert disguised as vegetable!

Saskboy said...

MMMMMmmmm tomatoes (droools)

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

I had the same problem you do with my tomato plants.

I just wrote a post about our home made tomato cages that work like a dream. Please visit.

Your cosmos is gorgeous.