Tuesday, June 19, 2007

See ya! Yahoo....

All things must come to an end. Note I did not say all GOOD things must come to an end.

I have made the decision, finally to say "See you later!" to both my Hotmail and my Yahoo! email accounts. Why? Well, I like Firefox and I like Thunderbird. I also like being able to check all of my email addresses in the same program which I could do until about 20 minutes ago, before I updated my version of Thunderbird.

I do not like, however, being asked to fork over $20 per year (it is not the amount, it is the principle) to have POP3 access to my Yahoo! account. I also do not like the way that when I updated my Hotmail account to their "New and Improved Web Hotmail" or whatever it was, that all of a sudden, with no warning, I could not get POP3 email access from them either. So, today, when I downloaded the latest version of Thunderbird, I did not even THINK that my Yahoo POP3 mail would stop working. But stop working it did. So, I tried looking for the extensions, they have a web mail extension and a Yahoo! and Hotmail extension that supposedly will get this all to work...maybe.

Finally I was like...you know what...screw them. I am just going to use my gmail account because it works seamlessly with Thunderbird and in their accounts setup gmail is actually an option. Go figure.

So, if you are sick of the way you are being treated by Yahoo, Hotmail and (I HOPE you are not still using AOL) AOL or any other stupid, ridiculous email program you might want to consider switching over to gmail from Google. You might also want to use Mozilla's Firefox as your default browser, I only use Evilnet Explorer when I have a page that is not compatible (usually a Microsoft page...) and use Mozilla Thunderbird as your Email program replacing Outlook.

...slowly stepping off the soapbox....


Anonymous said...

Music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TorAa said...

Well, I'm on Yahoo but also paid for Norton 360 + Fraud detect. That's something combined; which have been a relief.